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International,national and in-house P&B have it covered.

We start this week on the international scene and with some of the more ‘usual’ names missing from the Fireball world championships, including the official P&B Zhik Race team the question has been posed as too how fast actually are the P&B sails?

The current state of affairs in Thailand as the pre-worlds nears its end we think gives the answer. From across the globe, P&B sails are proving successful. Current results show a clean sweep of the podium a (1st 2nd and 3rd overall) even within these results it is with a truly global perspective, with the Australian duo Heather and Chris leading overall with 2 first and 2 seconds. Closely followed by another Australian team Ben and Doug and the UK pairing of Veronica and Ben Falat in third overall showing the way to the rest of the fleet.

Just to complete the truly international demonstration we thought we would end this section with a photo from the P&B South Africa sailors enjoying the Thailand weather.

Not quite the same weather, however we are pleased to report a pretty similar result a little closer to home (about 50 miles away, to the lake of Burghfield) where Tom Stewart, P&B stalwart and director was in evidence with the N12 fleet. According to the numerous reports he was at times rather close to a pin end, which ended with him checking the anchor line on the pin itself . That incident notwithstanding the class continues to be a favourite with P&B, with 1st overall for Tom and Andrea and third for the PB team of Jon Ibbotson and Charlotte Stewart.

Toms ‘kit of the week’ is featured in the newsletter this week and surprisingly it is not a wot tak! A device that aids start line bias and distance to the line but something altogether more ubiquitous … see the newsletter for further details. www.pinbax.com

Just to keep in with the international flavour of this blog, enclosed is a photo of Tom Lee and Helen Chapman sailing at Burghfield. Tom is, we believe French so whilst the English, Australian and South African P&B sailors are in Thailand the French P&B sailors are here in Burghfield… Tenuous but true.

OK, moving even closer to home the Streakers were in evidence at Tamworth sailing club this weekend. A class that P&B has supported over the years has a new name in the fleet this year. Sailing the National Championship winning Streaker 1851 was James Dawes (otherwise known as Daisy). James was visible on the podium at the end of the event. Again an interesting test for P&B and one that was answered I believe with 1st 2nd and 3rd going to P&B sails. Headed up by the indefatigable Alan Gillard showing his consistency and experience to win convincingly.

Finally we end this week not on the international scene or the national scene but here in house at the P&B headquarters itself with the hugely experienced Peter Jackson he of the Vogons band fame http://thevogons.wordpress.com/band-members/ and over 15 years at P&B alone working with all types of material from small repairs through to complete rebuilds.

pete this week has been applying the finishing touches to a wooden GP14 after a complete rebuild of the deck as these photographs show…

You see that’s the point. With P&B we effortlessly span the countries and all across the regions, however it all stems from the central hub in Northampton, supporting a strong network of local sailors whatever the level and ability.

As one of our clients remarked today. “We are the only place that offers the complete service.”

From the ordering, making and designing of specialist parts to the restoration and repair of boats and sails all sat alongside the fitting out of new boats, through to all of your clothing needs. Both onshore and offshore we do at P&B (to borrow an old phrase ) “have it covered.”
Obvious pun intended.

That’s it for this week folks enjoy the sailing at the weekend weather forecast looks fair 13-20 mph and 15 degrees…

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