Mirror Selden / SuperSpars Tuning Guide

Mast:Selden / SuperSpars
Crew Weight:16-17 STONE
Mast rake502050205020502050105010
Rig tension shrouds Lbs 151515171717
KickerLooseLooseQuite tight top tail stallingTighterLotsLots
ReasonsTop tell tale should be stalling 30% of the timeTop tell tale should be stalling 30% of the timeTop tell tale should be stalling 30% of the timeTo control twist & blade out mainsailTo control twist & blade out mainsailTo control twist & blade out mainsail
OuthaulTight crease along footTight no creaseLoose a 15cm gapTightenTightenTight
DownhaulNoneNoneNoneSlightOn hard with increasing windOn hard
Jib HeightOne fingerTwo fingersTwo fingersTwo fingersone fingerLow as possible
Jib tension2' of tight1" of tightTightTightTightEase to foot

Mast Rake: Bermudan

All measurements for rake are taken from the top of the mast to the top of transom.  First pull a tape to 4m 22 measuring to the top of the goosenecks black band giving datum point; now measure to top of transom to gain a rake measurement. This ensures a constant top of mast point, transferable from boat to boat.
The chart is for Winder boats, Goodwin / Wooden hulls require slightly more rake.
Wooden Hulls 4995 - 4920mm
Winder Hulls 5020mm

To increase the rake move the shrouds down a hole in the chain plates (which gives a smaller number because the mast is raked backwards and the mast top is closer to the transom). To decrease rake move the shrouds up a hole in the side chain plates (this gives a bigger number). When over powered rake back half a hole to5010mm and Tension to (18 a Loos gauge)

Rig Tension:
Using a Loos tension gauge the reading is taken on the shrouds a good guide is to increase tension as the wind increases to avoid jig luff sag.
Start with 15 on the gauge with a max of 18. 

The fairleads should be postioned as far back as possible on the thwart and as high as possible. Bearing point between fairleads 750mm
Bow to bearing point of fairlead 997mm (taken to outside edge of the middle of the bow)
Tack of the  jib should be raised or lowered according to wind conditions use the top of the gun haul as a datumpoint.

Spinnaker pole height:
Bow of boat to bearing point of pole end 1430mm
Pole eye on mast 1070mm up

Upwind set so that the sail just touches the leeward side of the boom as an average setting, then alter depending on wind / wave conditions.  

Mast Rake  Gaff Rigs.

Gaff rig - There is only one way to measure mast rake accurately and this is with a tape measure from the top of the mast to the transom. To do this in the Mirror you need to tighten the forestay so there is 180lbs of rig tension. Turn the boat on its side and measure the distance from the pin that holds the main halyard sheave in the top of the mast to the top of the transom (on the outside). This gives the mast rake. Try to sail with a mast rake of between 3540mm and 3570mm.

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