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Tuning Guides

Mast:Selden Carbon
Crew Weight:170kg
160 -170mm
Wind Speed (knots)1-45-910-1516-2021~+
Mast Rake7047mm7047mm6081mm6081mm -6076mm6070mm
Rig Tension400lbs400lbs400lbs450lbs450lbs
KickerNoneSet to maintain leach tension2nd top tell tale should be stalling 1/2 the time2nd top tail tale should stall 50% of the timeEase tension to reduce power
Strut (from neutral)Forward 10mm - 15mmNeutralNeutral Ease 10mmEase 15mm
OuthaulOn HardEase 10mmNeutral On HardOn Hard
CunninghamNoneNoneTo remove wrinklesLotsAs much as you can
Centreboard position ForwardNeutralUp 50mmUp 75mmup 100mm
Jib FairleadsLower lineMiddle lineMiddle lineTop lineTop line

Mast Rake

Is measured from the tip of the mast to the top of the transom, measure to the top of the goosenecks black band 20’ to determine the datum point.


Pre Bend

Pre bend is measured on upright setting and should be 22mm with 400lbs rig tension.

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