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Tuning Guides

Mast:Superspar M7
Crew Weight:all up 21 - 24 stone
Wind SpeedLightMedium Heavy
Mast Rake6640-6650mm6640-6650mm6640-6650mm
Rig Tension400lbs400lbs350lbs-400lbs

Mast foot position
Series 1 - Mast heel as far aft in the step as possible.
Series 11 – measure from the aft point on the centreline of the transom (you may have to
measure through the transom flaps) to the aft bolt on the mast step. The measurement
you need to achieve is 2840mm

Mast Rake
Mast rake is measured from the top of the mast to top of transom. It should be
measured with rig tension on and the tape measure to the top of the mast. To find an
accurate datum point measure to the top of the gooseneck 18 then swing the tape to the
transom to find the rake. After the rake measurement is achieved you will be able to
measure you pre bend we suggest 5 mm of bend at spreader height

Rig tension
In most conditions set the tension at 400 Lbs of tension as the wind increases add more
rig tension until you become over powered. When this is achieved begin to reduce the
tension again. 350 – 400lbs

Genoa Fairleads
Fairleads from centreline - Middle of deck
In medium winds move the track one hole aft; strong winds 20+ knots move the fairleads
aft two holes. This will open the upper leach of the sail preventing the slot from choking
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