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Q.I would like to find out more about the Enterprise fly away pole system how it is set up and rigged. Any diagram or sketches will be helpful as I want to install it but nobody sailing Enterprise in South Africa can assist me in setting it up.
A.If you go to our 'Downloads' Section and click on 'Enterprise' you will see that there is a Diagram which should help with your enquiry. If you need any further help we do have a resident Enterprise expert who will be happy to answer any more questions you have. You could copy and paste this into your browser address bar as a shortcut

Q.I'm replacing my Genneker halyard on my Dart 16 (4mm) and wondered what would be a good mid cost option. Can you advise?
A.We would recommend something like our 5mm 8 plait pre-stretched (part no 4289) available in a variety of colours, or a little dearer (maybe a bit too thin for you) a 3.5mm Super Dyneema (part no KD35). If you check the Rope section on our website you can type the part number into the search box. Hope this helps.

Q.How do I get a quote for sail repair from you? I have photo's.
A.If you email us some pictures of the damage we will send you an estimate.

Q.Question for P&B. Hi, is there a self-launching twin pole system available for the scorpion?
A.Yes, we have successfully fitted this to other classes and the Scorpion is next! Get in touch with us if you are interested in obtaining more details and we will be happy to help.

Q.I am trying to locate second hand cruising sails for my Enterprise. Any ideas? Thank you.
A.Keep an eye on our Used Boats and Sails section. If you click on Sails, or Boats, it is in the left hand menu. Good Luck!

Q.After a short break from racing dinghies (30 + years) I have recently returned to base, and things have changed! Is it still possible to buy those rather fine stainless steel wire jib hanks we used in the very early 70s? Many Thanks. John
A.Hi John - Its not a product we can easily get hold of and I am not totally sure we still can. Most hanks are now produced in brass or plastic, we can easily supply these to you.

Q.Question for the loft. I have an 18 yr old Enterprise sail no 20254. I understand they are fitted with either a Super Spar or Selden D mast. How can I tell which mast I have as the mast on my boat has no makers name on it. Look forward to hearing from you.
A.The easiest way is by the spreaders, if it has purple lugs it is a Selden D, if it is pin with bolts it is a Super Spar

Q.The foot of my jib vibrates a lot on the deck. I have set the tack hieght to 4.5". My sheeting angle is at the clew corner dissected into 45 degrees. I think this could be the issue, your tuning guide has much steeper angle than this, but I would have thought this would free the foot off more and it would vibrate more or is my assumption completely wrong?
A.From what you are saying it sounds as if you are pulling the sail too hard along the foot. I would try easing the foot tension on the sheet and lowering the cars to pull down the leech. Another reason could be that your sail is now tired and the foot has stretched too much causing it to vibrate. To stop this cloth can be cut off this area or alternatively you may need to buy a newer sail.

Q.Is there any variety in the cut of your kites for an FF? I am particularly impressed with the shape that you cut into the "No Bull" kite in Western Australia. If there is an identical shape available I would like to request a quote.
A.We have 3 different sizes of spinnaker, the large, medium and small. I am not sure what type the No Bull spinnaker is. The most common is the large.

Q.(1) How long should I expect it to take for a quote for sail repairs? (2) How long will it take for them to be completed? (3) How long should I expect for the sail to return in the post?
A.1 The price can be quoted the day the sail is received. 2 If the sail needs a simple repair and depending on the time of year the repair can be completed within the week it arrives 3 We offer a 24hr a guaranteed delivery service

Q.Question for the loft. I have received a racing genoa and in a separate post a luff wire for this sail. My old sail had a luff wire with two "Heavy duty hard eyes". The luff wire I received from you has only one of those eyes and on the other end a swage eye. My old sails were connected to the luff wire using a small piece of rope through the sails eye and the luff wire eye at both ends (tack and top). The hard eyes have convenient space and no sharp edges so connecting the sails to the wire is a non issue. However, how have you intended me to use the wire supplied? Does the swage go in top? This seems logical since the tack has a cleat that works only if the rope runs more or less smooth through the eye, hence the hard eye goes at the tack. But then, how is the top connected to the halyard? The small eye is already filled with rope that connects the sails top to the swage. Please advise...
A.The wire you have received is a standard stuff luff wire which has a swage eye on one end. This is placed so that it can be easily passed through the luff of the sail making removing easy. Two hard eyes are very difficult to pass through the luff. I would use a small loop of rope that is attached through the shackle holding the luff wire. Set so that there is plenty of movement at the tack for adjustment with the cleat.

Q.How much outhaul should i have on when going upwind in wavy conditions?
A.Different conditions require different outhaul tension. Wavy conditions require more power to keep the boat moving, so the outhaul should be loosened to create a fuller sail. In light and medium wind conditions it pays to let an inch to inch and a half of outhaul off to help the top of the leach hook slightly and open up the foot of the mainsail. As the wind builds and you become more overpowered it pays to tighten the outhaul, this flattens the sail.

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