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GP14 Polyester Main, Genoa and Spinnaker offer

P&B GP14 Mainsail (SAIL/GP14MAIN)
Mast Type
Super Spars:

P&B GP14 Genoa (GP14G)
Luff requirements
On deck:
Speed Hull - through deck:
Winder/ Duffin Hull- though deck:

P&B GP14 Spinnaker (gp14spin)

£1,177.31 | Normal Price: £1,471.63 | You Save: £294.32 (20% OFF)


GP14 Sails Discount Package

Dacron Main
Dacron Genoa

Sail number and spinnaker colour can be specified

in the "Special Instructions" at checkout.


Please email our team at [email protected]

or call on 10604 592808 to discuss any specific requirements. 

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