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P&B 505 Composite Gasket Kit (GASK-KI)

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505 Thompson Boat Works Gasket Kit

Installing gaskets on a 505 is a challenging project. This kit has been designed to help achieve better results, a longer lasting gasket, and make it dead-simple to change the sealing rubber when required. Credit to Howard Hamlin who came up with this idea as an alternative to conventional aluminum keelbands.

The keelband strips and single-piece front plate are manufactured from precision CNC cut epoxy/glass laminate (FR4/G10 Garolite). This material will last the life of your boat as there is no galvanic reaction with the stainless fasteners and salt water. The parts are supplied with some additional length to allow a custom fit to each boat.

Keelband parts can also be provided without holes, if you would like to re-use your existing holes. However, this approach is challenging and we recommend filling all your existing holes and using our pre-drilled parts as a drilling template using a self-centering hinge drill bit (optional extra).

Each Kit Includes:

2 - keelband strips, drilled and countersunk

1 - single-piece front plate with 3m tape on the back, drilled and countersunk

1 - full set of screws suitable for the gasket strips

1 - unshaped sealing rubber 

1 - dacron gasket set

1 - small silicone sealant tube

Pro-tip: purchase an extra front plate and sealing rubber that can be pre-made and in your toolbox so that if the rubber tears at a regatta it can be changed out in about 10 minutes.


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