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Northfix Pump Action Cleat (NX103)



Northfix Pump Action Cleat

Unique design cleats when rope is lifted, releases when rope is flat on the deck. Used for pump action halyard systems on 470, Fireball and many other dinghy classes.

A unique, hard-to-find, pivoting cleat that allows the line to run freely until it is pulled out of alignment. Frequently used for spinnaker halyard pump-up systems.

The halyard exits the mast, goes through a cam cleat and usually a fairlead. Then there is some space before the halyard runs through the pump cleat. On the line in this space there is a trap handle on a block, which you hold to pump. The tail of the halyard then continues through a fairlead or cheek block and is taken up by shock cord. As you pump the handle, the pump-cleat goes out of alignment holding the tail and causes the halyard to take up through the cam cleat. As you lower the handle, the pump cleat aligns again allowing the shock cord to take up the tail through the pump cleat, readying the system for another pump if needed.


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