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Seasure 25mm High Load Black Ceramic Ball Bearing Triple Block (01.53)



Sea Sure 25mm High Load Black Ceramic Ball Bearing Triple Block

A key feature of the Black range is the use of Ceramic Ball Bearings. Ceramic Ball Bearings are lighter, stronger and faster than stainless balls. A ceramic ball is also around 3-4 times harder than its equivalent in stainless meaning that the expected life is also 3-4 times that of a stainless ball. The surface of the ceramic ball is non porous meaning it will produce 50% more RPM than a stainless bearing.

Another key feature is the striking colour. The black titanium plasma coating infuses itself into the stainless, meaning that it is extremely hard wearing. This is the first block of its kind and one that will certainly stand out on a boat.


The Sea Sure Black Vapour Deposited coatings are extremely hard (typically 3 to 4 times harder than tool steel), have a low coefficient of friction and are extremely wear resistant.

The TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating thickness is in the range 2 to 5 microns.

These coatings are traditionally applied to high speed steel or cemented carbide tools and dies to improve tool life.

As well as preventing galling (of stainless steels for example) they provide a highly scratch and tarnish resistant black colour coating for use in extreme conditions.


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