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Barton Size 2 Plain Block Fiddle Swivel (BA02430)



Barton Size 2 Plain Block Fiddle Swivel

A strong lightweight range of blocks suitable for use on dinghies, dayboats or as lead blocks on larger craft.

A comprehensive range of multiple sheave options together with fiddles and camcleat blocks allow for powerful lightweight tackles to be achieved.

Plain Bearing Block - Feature a precision moulded Acetal Sheave running a large diameter brass centre bearing ensuring free running under the highest of loads.

Swivel - Fully swivelling head with removable shackle.

Sheave size: 35mm x 12mm

Fiddle: 30/34mm x 12mm

Max rope diameter: 8mm

SWL: 370kg

Break load: 740Kg

Length: 147mm

Weight: 113g


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