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Red paddleco Alloy-Nylon 3pc Kids Paddle (Camlock) (RP19KA3)



Red Paddle Co. Alloy 3pc Kids Paddle (Camlock)

Designed for the younger rider, the Red Paddle Co. Alloy 3pc Kids Paddle has a shorter, adjustable shaft that can be extended as its owner grows or if they want to share with friends, adjustable from 130cm to 170cm.

It has a smaller blade as they don’t yet have the power needed for a full size/adult blade, this reduces the impact on their bodies meaning they can stay on the water longer. A reduced blade size also reduces the weight of the paddle meaning it is easier for them to use and the ergonomically designed t-grip is smaller to fit a younger person's hand compared to adult paddles.

The main paddle shaft is covered in EVA foam making it more comfortable to use whilst improving grip, and the 3 piece option can easily be broken down to fit inside our Red Paddle Co board bag making it a great companion for our Snapper or 10’6″ Max Race.


Practical and perfect for traveling, with no compromise on performance. They split into three parts so they easily fit into your back pack, meaning you can go anywhere and do anything! Fully adjustable to suit any height using the LeverLock system, so adjustments can be made in an instant.


Tried and tested, the camlock system enables quick paddle length adjustment with unrivalled grip, minimising any movement in the top section of the paddle. With a notch on the cam, it makes lining up the handle incredibly easy.


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