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Allen 50mm Quint Ratchet Block with Becket and Cleat (A2159)

£244.22 | Normal Price: £271.35 | You Save: £27.13 (10%)


Allen 50mm Quint Ratchet Block with Becket and Cleat

The Allen A2159 has been designed to be suitable for retro fitting on a wider range of boats. When combined with the A2059 Quint Block, you can gain a purchase system of 10:1. The Quint Mainsheet System also allows for the addition of beckets, this means when combined with an A2040, the purchase can be taken to 11:1.

Please note: The angle of the cleat is adjustable and can be set to multiple angles.

These blocks have a ratchet mechanism that can easily be switched on or off even under load and the swivel head can be locked in a fixed position. Allen sheave technology gives you grip under load and easy release when the load is decreased. The 50mm switchable ratchet block is ideal for sailors wanting to reduce the size without losing the inherent strength of this design.


Length: 136mm

Line Diamater: 5-8mm

Shackle Pin: 5mm

Breaking Load: 950kg

Safe Working Load: 470kg

Weight: 410g


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