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Velocitek Prism (VTK-101)



Velocitek Prism

The Velocitek Prism is a stripped down racing compass.

Class legal anywhere an electronic compass is legal, the Prism provides superior accuracy, and a massive display all in an ultralight, compact package.


At a mere 137 g (4.8 oz) it is the world's lightest racing compass.

Massive Digits:

The Prism’s sunlight-readable, high-contrast LCD screen features 29.8mm (1.1”) tall digits in a font that’s optimised for readability. This means that if your boat’s under 40ft long you’ll be able to mount the Prism on your mast and read it easily from anywhere in the cockpit, even if you don’t have perfect vision.

Ultra Wide Viewing Angle:

With 250° of visibility the Prism’s LCD's can be easily read from the helm to the trapeze wire.

Flexible aabd Secure Mounting:

The Prism mounts to your boat via the slide-in cradle. The Prism Cradle can be mounted to a wide array of brackets, directly to a mast using the centreline holes and the Mast Bracket Hardware Kit, or directly to a bulkhead. Includes recesses in the cradle in case you need to lash your compass in place.


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