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Selden 420 Kappa Mast Unrigged (D14-C067-0473)



420 Kappa Mast - Unrigged

All Seldén dinghy mast sections have been designed to give the best stiffness to weight ratio available in an alloy extrusion.

Material, section shape and size, and wall thickness all have a major effect on both the static and dynamic bend characteristics of a tube. These details are studied in the design of every section and are carefully checked on every piece of spar tube Seldén use.


All masts are made from 6082T6 aluminium.

CNC plasma cut tapers for ultimate accuracy and consistency

Heat treated after tapering increases material hardness.

Durable peened finish.

Welded in headbox.

Optional dealer fit halyard lock.

Section weight: 0.92 kg/m

Dimension fore/aft: 67 mm

Dimension athwart: 55 mm

Stiffness fore/aft: 16 cm4

Stiffness athwart: 12 cm4

Excludes rigging.


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