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Harken 41 mm Ball-and-Socket Base — Swivel (HK461)

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Stand-up bases allow a wide variety of blocks to be held upright, swivel freely, or pivot so lines have a fairlead under load. The ball-and-socket design lets blocks articulate up to 45 degrees and swivel freely. The 460 and 461 bases (high-load versions of the 010 and 029) have stainless steel reinforcement plates to handle the high load capacities of 57 mm and 75 mm Carbo blocks.

Height (mm)51 mm

Weight (g)128 g

Base Ø (mm)54 mm

Inside socket Ø (mm)12 mm

Pin Ø (mm)6 mm

Fasteners (mm)5 FH mm

Maximum working load (kg)454 kg

Breaking load (kg)1134 kg

Use with blocks75 mm Carbo


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