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Allen Keyball Trapeze System Square Buckle Assembly (A4043N-1)

£34.76 | Normal Price: £38.62 | You Save: £3.86 (10%)


Allen Keyball Trapeze System Square Buckle Assembly

The Square Buckle is manufactured from two parts to allow for easy changing of the backplate, to suit different trapeze harnesses.

The Allen Keyball Trapeze System features a streamlined design with no hook to get tangled or cause damage to the hull of your boat.

For many years the development team at Allen were keen to design a trapeze system that improves the safety of the sport and reduces the risk of entrapment by the traditional hook-on trapeze harness.

Designer Julian Bethwaite had also been thinking along the same lines and had produced a prototype of the keyball trapeze system.

In conjunction with Bethwaite Design, Allen have developed the concept into a sleek and innovative design, eliminating the hook altogether to create a safe intuitive solution that really works.

Weight: 292g


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