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Allen Keyball Trapeze Narrow Plate & Moulding ASSB (A4043N)

£38.12 | Normal Price: £42.36 | You Save: £4.24 (10%)


Allen Keyball Trapeze System - Narrow Backing Plate and Moulding - Assembled

The Allen Keyball Trapeze System features a streamlined design with no hook to get tangled or cause damage to the hull of your boat.

For many years the development team at Allen were keen to design a trapeze system that improves the safety of the sport and reduces the risk of entrapment by the traditional hook-on trapeze harness.

Designer Julian Bethwaite had also been thinking along the same lines and had produced a prototype of the keyball trapeze system.

In conjunction with Bethwaite Design, Allen have developed the concept into a sleek and innovative design, eliminating the hook altogether to create a safe intuitive solution that really works.

Weight: 305g


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