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Allen Topper Mainsheet Kit Allen (TOPMA)

£122.22 | Normal Price: £135.80 | You Save: £13.58 (10%)


The Topper Centre Mainsheet Kit

This Topper centre mainsheet kit by Allen Brothers is suitable for all Toppers, whether you have an older boat with transom sheeting in need of an upgrade, or a brand new boat already set up for centre mainsheet.

Each kit consists of the following Allen Brothers parts:

1 x 50mm Switable Racthet

1 x Large Spring

1 x 30mm Swivel Dynamic Ball Bearing Block

1 x 30mm Dynamic Ball Bearing Block

1 x 30mm Multifunction Dynamic Ball Bearing Block

2 x 4mm Screw Shackle (A5404S)

1 x 5mm Screw Shackle (RF806S)

1 x 13.5 metre length of high quality Mainsheet

1 x Mainsheet Guidance Cloth with Velcro attachment

1 x Webbing Strop

1 x stainless steel deck eye*

2 x M5 stainless steel bolts*

2 x M5 stainless steel penny washers*

2 x M5 stainless steel self locking nuts*

* = Only required when upgrading from an older style transom sheeting boat.

To assemble the package on your boat you should download the instructions via the following link Ronstan Topper Centre Mainsheet Kit Instructions and use as guidance ensuring that you are complying with class rules on exact positioning.

Visit to view current class rules.


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