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Fernhurst Tuning Yachts and Small Keelboats (SAR0170)

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Tuning Yachts and Small Keelboats

To be a consistent race winner you need a fast boat, but often the only difference between a slow boat and a fast one is the way the mast and sails are adjusted. In this book Lawrie Smith shows you how to get it right. He starts off with a step--by--step guide to setting up fractional and masthead rigs -- checking the fittings, putting the mast in the right place and assembling the standing rigging. Then its time to go sailing, and get down to some serious tuning.

The author looks at the rig controls, and shows how to adjust them for the condition of the moment. With the rig set up, he turns his attention to the sails, and explains how to trim them for maximum efficiency on every point of sailing. He shows you the sail shape to aim at, why it works, and hw to achieve it. In short, how to make your boat the fastest on the water.

Publisher: Fernhurst Books Ltd

Author: Lawrie Smith

ISBN: 9780906754351


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