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RYA RYA G47 Windsurfing Syllabus and Logbook (RYA0722)



RYA G47 Windsurfing Syllabus and Logbook

Windsurfing offers something for everyone, an addictive sport for all ages and abilities. The RYA Scheme has been designed to help you progress rapidly through the sport whether you are looking to cruise around a lake or learn to jump off waves.

The RYA Windsurfing Syllabus and Logbook is designed as a logbook suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced windsurfers. This book contains essential information on the RYA Windsurfing syllabus, a section for your personal log entries and a place to attach your certificates that you earn along the way.

Publisher: RYA

Author: RYA

ISBN: 9781906435738


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