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RYA RYA G23 Stability & Buoyancy (RYA0430)



RYA G23 Stability and Buoyancy

All vessels need to be buoyant in order to float, and need to be stable in order to stay upright.

This revised edition of RYA Stability and Buoyancy (which includes a glossary of terms, explaining all the technical jargon) deals with everything relating to these issues and also includes hazards common to most boats, including:

Bad loading.

Breaking waves.

Resonant rolling.

Broaching in a following sea.

Characteristics of different boat types, (i.e. sailing dinghies, small catamarans, offshore and coastal monohull sailing boats).

Maximum safe heel angle.

Publisher: RYA

Author: RYA

ISBN: 9781906435356


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