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Adlard Coles UK & Ireland Circumnavigators Guide (CRU0453)



UK & Ireland Circumnavigators Guide

A circumnavigation of the UK and Ireland is the perfect ‘doorstep’ challenge for sailors and motorboaters looking for an extended cruise which doesn’t take them too far from family and responsibilities and allows them to keep in touch. It doesn’t require extended time off work, or linguistic ability if things go wrong – and the coastline is beautiful!

This book is a practical guide and Sam gives advice on planning and preparation: when to leave, whether to go clockwise or anti, what charts are needed, how much it is likely to cost, possible routes (via canals or ‘the long way’), what stores and equipment are needed, likely pitfalls en route, and what types of running maintenance might be required. For the second edition she has added a 10 of the best section detailing unmissable places in a range of categories from remote bays and beautiful rivers to historic locations and anchorages. UK and Ireland Circumnavigators Guide is perfect for all those sailors and motorboaters planning as well as dreaming of one day circumnavigating Britains beautiful islands.

A comprehensive guide to sailing (or motor boating) round Britain Sailing Today- Highly Recommended Title (pb 240 pages).

Publisher: Adlard Coles Nautical

Author: Sam Steele

ISBN: 9781408131411


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