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Adlard Coles Kids in the Cockpit (CRU0091)



Kids In The Cockpit

This book, based on 13 years of research and personal experience, is the bible of boating with babies and children.

Immensely practical and highly entertaining, it contains a wealth of information on every aspect of the business, including: Introducing children to sailing, ideas to keep them from being bored on board, and tips for turning a mutineer into a midshipman; Safety and suitability of different types of yacht; features to look for and those to avoid; Dinghies suitable for use as both tender and sailing craft; personal safety and an in depth look at different types of childrens lifejackets; Ideas to help you cope with seasickness, or even avoid it altogether; Absolutely everything you need to know about sailing or cruising with a baby; Ocean cruising with kids, including home education.

Publisher: Adlard Coles Nautical

Author: Jill Schinas

ISBN: 9780713672299


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