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Liros D-Pro 12 Strand Dyneema 2.5mm (613049)



Liros D-Pro 12 Strand Dyneema - 2.5mm

Liros D-Pro is 100% pure Dyneema® rope with the latest in coating technology.

Liros D-Pro is manufactured in a 12-plait construction which makes it extremely easy to splice and is impregnated with a special PU which improves the resistance to abrasion by more than 75%.

Liros D-Pro also goes through a pre stretching process which further improves the overall performance. These two treatments combined with the fact that Liros D-Pro is a pure Dyneema rope mean an improved performance by as much as 70% over a conventional polyester covered Dyneema.

This is a multi purpose rope with many applications across every sailing yacht.

Liros D-Pro is an ideal replacement for stainless steel wire.

Stretch charachteristics <1%

Higher breaking strength than wire diameter for diameter.

Very low stretch.

Zero water absorption.

Very easy to splice.

LIROS Heat Stretch System.

Breaking Load = 580kg

Weight per 100m = 0.35kg


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