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Easy Easymatic 2 8:1 upper block (93704)



Easymatic Series 2 8:1 - Upper Block

Easymatic is a mainsheet system with two gears.

Thanks to the patented easy double servo cleat, it is possible to make this revolutionary mainsheet system.

Easymatic series 2 is designed for boats up to approximately 13m / 42ft.

The Easymatic system consists of an easy double cleat and a number of easy super blocks.

The bearings are the same as in the roller bearing blocks. An extra large bearing diameter allows more rollers and offers a larger load carrying surface with very little friction.

By splicing the two rope ends of the main sheet you obtain the most effective easymatic system. The wear on the rope will be divided over the entire length and you will never be short of rope to ease through either cleat.

Splicing instructions are supplied with all easymatic blocks.

Blocks Required: Lower block 93701 and Upper block 93704

Weight: 1025g

Breaking load: 1850kg

Working load: 900kg

Max line: 10-12mm

Max boat: 12.92m - 40ft

Sheave diameter: 7040 x18mm


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