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P&B Topper Clew Strap (TOPPB7)



Pinnell & Bax Topper Clew Strap

Fully class legal, the Pinnell & Bax Topper clew strap was designed to meet World class sailors' demands where compromise is not an option. We and our Pinnell & Bax Race Team determined that high boom tension, low stretch and durability on the water were the key vital aspects that needed to be considered when designing the best Topper clew strap on the market.

High Boom Tension, Low Stretch and Durability on the Water - In the Topper class it is vitally important that the clew of the sail is as close to the boom as possible so that maximum leech tension is maintained whilst reducing the amount that the boom is pushed into mast flattening the sail. With this in mind we made our strap from only one single piece of webbing wrapped around a metal ring rather than sewing 2 pieces of strap together. Designing the strap in this way means that it is much harder to make but it results in a much stronger strap and enables you to put much more tension in the strap. This design also allows us to use only 1 piece of high performance Velcro with a safety tab so you know for sure that the Pinnell & Bax clew strap won't stretch or, crucially, come undone even during a day's racing at the Word Championships.

The Pinnell & Bax Topper clew strap, probably the best clew strap ever made.


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