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Optimist Rudder N1-XR Series (OPN1XRRB)

£240.00 | Normal Price: £255.00 | You Save: £15.00 (6%)


N1 Foils Optimist Rudder N1-XR Series

Includes fittings and tiller extension as shown.

N1 Foils develop and market the best high performance race-sailing foils. Research and production are in the hands of the company founder, Toni Riera, whose profound experience in technical and manufacturing aspects controls and maintains the constant performance updating and high quality.

N1 Foils lead the world market in quality, design and durability and are as yet unequalled. Acknowledged by sailors and builders alike, they are without a doubt winners and, needless to say, the foils of champions.


MPAT system

CNC aluminium moulds

Epoxy resin with UV filter  

Highest quality fibreglass and foam

Teak wood stop battens


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