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TackTick Micronet Race Master (T070)

£599.95 | Normal Price: £630.00 | You Save: £30.05 (5%)


Micronet Race Master

The ultimate tactical race compass and windshift indicator.

Its two tier display shows your heading, how far you are above or below the mean course, and how much you are being headed or lifted. It will enable you to establish quickly and easily which is the favoured end of the start line, and will help you sail the shortest distance to the windward mark.

Downwind, you can see how far off dead downwind you are, and when you should gybe for optimal VMG.


No wires, or connections to make.  

Solar powered (300 hours autonomy).  

Twin displays with super-large digits.  

Backlighting (3 levels with auto shut off).  

Battery level indicator.  

Totally waterproof (submersible to 10m)  

Shock resistant.  


Full calibration Data Displayed

Compass Heading

Wind Shift Indicator

Line Bias

Race Timer

Dimensions: 164mm x 122mm x 58 mm

Character height: Upper 28mm, Lower 20mm.


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