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Silva ADC Wind Gauge and Weather Station (SL55250)

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ADC Wind - Compass, Weather Station

This is a compass, weather station and race timer all rolled into one. It is super compact and waterproof.

Fully waterproof display shows current, max and average wind speed (in km/h, mph, feet/s, or knots)

Shows current temperature (C and F) and a past 24-hour temperature history


Windspeed (current, max, average)

Wind-chill (current, min)

Temperature (current, 24 hour history)

Barometer (current, 24 hour history)

Weather Forecast (Sunny, Partly cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, Storm warning)

Altimeter (max, min)

Ski-run counter (number of ski runs, cumulative ascend/descend)


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