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Race Rescue Knife with Hook Point (RRK002)

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RRK Race Rescue Knife with Hook Tip

Designed for use in RIBS, rescue craft, dinghies, cruisers and racing yachts, the RRK Race Rescue Knife has been developed in conjunction with the R.Y.A.

This is a fixed blade rescue knife with convex serrated, yellow powder coated blunt tip blade, to protect you or your RIB. Simple ratchet in/out nylon easy fit sheath, with drain hole. Shackle key for use in emergencies.

Hook point version available for commercial applications; great for cutting trampolines, netting, kite lines, sails quickly. Selected for use by all Team GBR rescue craft in Athens 2004 & by Thames Metropolitan Police.

The RRK Race Rescue Knife is the perfect permanent mount safety knife for RIBs and rescue craft. The blunt tip means protection for the user, subject and vessel, preventing accidental stabbing of flesh or RIB tube.

Perfect for mount on the racks of skiffs or as a pit knife on race yachts or in the companionway of cruisers.

The R.R.K® is produced in high quality (425) stainless steel, with advanced technological processes and is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

We advise you wash your knife with fresh water, dry and then coat the blade with WD 40 or similar water repellant to prevent any stains developing.


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