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Liros Magic Pro 5mm (613410)




Liros Magic Pro - 5mm

Polyester Grip Fibre and Polyester spin-dyed 16 Plaited Dyneema SK75 with LIROS XTR Grip-Coating.

A halyard or sheet designed exclusively for dinghies, catamarans and sports boats. The low stretch characteristics are delivered by the LIROS Dyneema Pro core. Designed to be used with or without the cover stripped. The cover only needs to be used where the rope is being handled. Easy to taper to leave a 12 strand dyneema core.


Compact construction - the compact construction ensures Magic Pro offers exceptional handling and good grip in cleats and stoppers.

Flexibility - the special grip between core and cover ensures perfect flexibility and maximum speed in all manoeuvres.

Grip - the precise non slip grip gives better control.

Stretch - the LIROS Heat Stretch System used on the Dyneema core gives minimum stretch.

Breaking Strength: 1250kg


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