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West Mersea

West Mersea Box Trailer for Laser, Holds 3 (WMBOXSSLAS3)



Box Trailer for Laser - Holds 3

Trailer shown with 13" spare wheel and fitting and steel cover - available only as optional extra's. The rig tubes are available as an optional extra

We have rationalised the range of trailers that we now make. We now encourage people to buy either;

Double Laser trailer (which has the wide racks) or

Double Topper trailer (which is the same trailer as the Laser trailer, but with the extra cross members)

The Topper trailer is based on the laser trailer, with the same geometry of racks, the main difference is that it has the optional extra cross bars. These allow the Topper to be supported just behind the rear of the foredeck, when it is upside down. This is the strongest part of the boat and hence why we recommend supporting it in this area. The launch trolleys can either slide in the rack and sit on top of the upturned hull, or if they are collapsible trolleys they can go in the box

We have in the past made and supplied a trailer that was designed to carry two optimists, which had a narrow frame and did not have the drawbar extension. Most people found that as their children got older, they progressed into Toppers or Lasers, and were forced to change the trailer. The same applied to the old design of Topper trailer which used to be a narrow frame. Again, when people wanted to upgrade and transport Lasers, the frame was too narrow, and they used to have to buy a new rack. Both these models have now been dropped. The most popular trailers we have manufactured in this range have been the double Laser trailer and the Double Topper trailer, and both models have excellent residual values when people come to resell them

If you have Rs feva or Qba boats you will need a deeper rack which has a 600m gap rather than the usual 475mm gap this is available to order in double and triple format

We used to manufacture a 10 inch version (rated at 500kg )and a 13 version ( rated at 750kg). The 13 inch wheel version accounted for about 97% of all sales, as it gave a much better quality ride. So we dropped the 10 inch wheel version. The 13 inch wheel versions also held their prices a lot better.

With all models it is possible to remove the racks from the trailer and use the rack as a self-supporting rack to store the boats on. This enables the trailer to be used as a conventional trailer.


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