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Harken Stainless Steel TYLASKA Snap Shackle, Length 87mm (TYT8)

£103.36 | Normal Price: £114.84 | You Save: £11.48 (10%)


Tylaska Snap Shackle - 87mm

Many years of design and rigorous testing created a series of shackles that provide a standard of quality previously unavailable to the sailing community. 

Tylaska shackles were meticulously designed and optimized using the latest  finite element CAD software. The patented mathematical curvature of the release mechanism allows these shackles to be easily opened even under tremendous loads. No other snap shackle on the market today has this capability. 

Tylaska T8 Snap Shackles are perfect for applications requiring high strength and light weight. They have a breaking strength of 8,000 lbs and weigh only 3.5 ounces in the standard bail configuration. Ideal for the 30 to 40 foot sailboat.         

The standard bail configuration provides ample room for attaching a line while keeping weight and overall shackle length to a minimum. Standard bails are ideal for halyards.


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