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Renolit Aqua 2 Water Resistant Trailer Grease (TRGR)

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Renolit Aqua 2 Water Resistant Trailer Grease

Renolit Aqua 2 is a water-resistant grease suitable for all applications where resistance to water, salt water, or cutting fluids, either by submersion or wash off is required.

It is manufactured to DEF STAN 91-34/1 and NATO G-460 for lubrication and protection against corrosion of mechanisms submerged in seawater or subject to wave action and the washing effect of heavy seas.

Suitable for:

Boats and boat trailers.

Industrial applications subject to water or cutting fluid wash off.

Automotive, quarry and mining applications in wet areas.

Suitable for stern tube greasing.

Bearings subject to high alkalinity or degreasing fluids and washes.

Booms on cranes, wire ropes etc.


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