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P&B Tapered Sheets (Splicing Service) (SP4)



Tapered Sheets (Splicing Service)

Ordering Guide:

Choose your rope and add the overall length you require to the cart (Maximum Length A + Length B). Choose from Liros-Magic Pro, Marlow-Excel Elite, Marlow-Excel Racing, Kingfisher-Super Dyneema, Marlow-Excel Vectran. Add “Tapered Sheets (Splicing Service)” and specify the length that you require Length A & Length B and any specific requirements you may have.

Please do this at the checkout stage of the order process.

If you require both ends spliced (i.e. spinnaker sheets please change quantity to 2)

N.B. If you require both ends spliced please also add another service to the cart.

You can also call us on 01604 592808.


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