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Spinlock Spinlock Vertical Pivot PXR Camcleat (2-6mm) (SKPXR0206-VP)



Spinlock Vertical Pivot PXR Cam Cleat - For 2 - 6mm Rope

The Spinlock Vertical Pivot PXR has been specifically designed for attaching to the mast.

The sheave allows any control line coming down the mast to exit horizontally and be cleated. The Pivot facilitates cleating at any lead angle.


Fast precise control for hand tensioned lines.

Matched hole centres allow fast replacement of traditional cleats with PXR T Series.

Hard anodised alloy cam and base Ideal for high performance line.

New low profile design.

Three stage release adjustment control Ideal for single line spinnaker hoist systems.

Resists accidental recleating.

Only offered in the 206mm size.

Has a max working load of 140kg and requires 2 M5 fixings to fit to the mast


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