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Imperial Compound & Finishing Paste 950ml (MW06044)



Imperial Compound & Finishing Paste - 950ml

Producing a smooth, highly polished finish to the gel coats on glass fibre hulls is desirable for any boat owner, from racers looking for those final fractions of a knot to the leisure owner seeking to preserve that boatyard shine. Unfortunately, most commercially available polishes are designed for hard automotive finishes, making them unnecessarily harsh for fine GRP hulls.

Now, global innovations company 3M has developed a new system of polishing compounds specifically formulated to provide the optimum finish on marine production gel coats. At the heart of the new system is 3M Marine Imperial Compound and Finishing Material.

Designed by materials scientists at 3M, using abrasives that have been engineered to match the hardness of commercial marine gel coats, the product can be applied after sanding, using a wool pad, to remove grade P600 or finer sand scratch marks and gel coat oxidisation quickly and easily, leaving a high quality finish with no swirl or scratch marks.

3M Marine Imperial Compound contains no wax or silicone and has been optimised for machine application with air or electric buffers operating at 1500 to 2500 rpm. It can also be applied by hand using a soft cloth.


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