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Smooth Sail 20 500ml (MR08540)



Smooth Sail 20 - 500ml Sail Lubricator

If you experience the frustration of slow sail handling due sails binding, sticking or seizing in their tracks, Smooth Sail 20 is just what’s needed. This is a sail, track and marine fittings lubricator for yachts and dinghies for instantly achieving fast silky smooth sail changes, adjustments and reefing. It will also quickly soften stiff, salt encrusted sailcloth.

It will work wonders on salt contaminated zips and press studs on marine clothing, spray hoods and sail covers etc. Smooth Sail reduces the build up of further contamination and is long lasting.

This product is safe to use, non greasy and environmentally friendly, containing no toxic or solvent based ingredients. Smooth Sail 20 is applied from a handy 500 ml trigger spray bottle reducing problems of fast evaporation and wind blown spray commonly associated with aerosol applicators. Sail fitting and changing made easy.


Lubricates and eases sail handling in luff and foot grooves.

Facilitates smooth running sail slides.

Aids faster sail hoists, drops and reefing due to reduced abrasion.

Reduces sail damage caused through chaff.

Easily achieved stronger sail tensions with reduced effort.

Reduces salt water corrosion and sail cloth stiffness in sail tracks.

Handy trigger spray ensures targeted application and concentrated coating.

Can be applied directly to luff and foot of the sail.

Environmentally friendly - No aerosol propellants, solvents or toxic chemicals.

Also suitable for easing the fitting of canvas dodgers, spray hoods and as a general marine fittings lubricant.


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