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Harken 40mm Triple Carbo Block with Swivel, 423 Carbo-Cam and Becket with 29mm Block (HK2619)

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Harken 40mm Triple Carbo Ratchet Block with Swivel, 423 Carbo Cam and Becket with 29mm Block Attachment

Carbo Ratchets allow sailors to hand-hold loaded lines and offer balance between holding power and controlled easing.Nylon resin sideplates are densely packed with long glassfibers for a compact block with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Machined aluminum sheaves are Hardkote anodiesd for strength and corrosion resistance.

Eight facets hold line securely.

Ball bearings, sheave and sideplates are UV-stabilized with carbon black for maximum protection.

The 40mm ratchets are ideal for jib sheets and spinnakers where size and weight are critical.

Use for:

Main/jib/spinnaker sheets,

Mainsheet fine-tune,

Traveler controls,

Genoa leads,



Sheave Ø: 40 mm

Length: 121 mm

Weight: 269 g

Shackle pin Ø: 6 mm

Maximum line Ø: 5 mm

Maximum working load: 408 kg

Breaking load: 816 kg

Maximum working loads and breaking loads for blocks based on cam strengths.


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