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Optiparts Optimist Trolley / Dolly (Standard Pnuematic Wheels) (EX1076)



Optiparts Optimist Trolley with Standard 42cm Pneumatic Wheels

Aluminum trolley with stainless steel heel protector. Supplied with standard pnuematic wheels (42cm).

With Bow Wow, a new unique system to lock the bow to the trolley with one quick and simple movement. The hull will not slide off the slippery wet trolley anymore. The BOW WOW prevents damage to the stern. Also available as a replacement kit to fit older Optiparts trolleys.

Quick release push buttons: This system allows the trolley to be disassembled in three pieces in a few seconds for storage and travel. Made of square Aluminum tube with rounded corners. All joints are welded and all surfaces on which the boat rests are padded with red pvc tubing.

Support: The axle of the trolley is extended so the hull fits upside down between the wheels.

Anodised: The whole frame is anodised to prevent corrosion.


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