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C2 Grab N Go Trapeze Handles 215mm (Pair) (C2GNG215)



C2 Marine Grab-N-Go Trapeze Handles - 215mm

Sold as a pair.

Even the best helms of a single hander can struggle in a quick-fire tack to control the tiller, mainsheet and trapeze in one sweet movement. The Grab-n-Go trapeze handle makes this manoeuvre so much easier for novice and experts alike. No more searching for the handle, going out on the wire at full stretch and then going through contortions to hook-on.

The length of the Grab-n-Go handle allows you to go out with your arm fully stretched and simply flick your wrist to engage the hook on the ring on the harness. Forget those slow tacks or, worse still, wet tacks and get yourself a Grab-n-Go Handle.

Sailors of double handed boats will find them equally impressive and can use either the long or short version. Grab one this season and see the difference in your performance.


Easy to grab given length of tube.

Long for singlehanders; short for double handers.

Superb grip.

Adjuster rope hidden in tube.

Retracting elastic fixed in lower bung; knots hidden away.

Optional hand disc position.


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