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P&B Scorpion Dinghy Championship Specification (PBSCORPCHAMP)



Scorpion - Championship Specification

Ready to race and prepared to championship winning standard. The Scorpion is now built by Ovingtons and supplied with Allen fittings as standard.

Hugely active in the class over the past decade and more, P&B fitted out boats have taken the majority of national and inland championships and our sail package has an unrivalled track record of success in the class.

During this period we have refined the systems and control lines so all are lead to the place of easiest use. This refinement includes the carbon twin pole launching system with a lazy guy system. The cunningham is led to under the mainsheet jammer and a continous kicker lead to behind the twart on either side to allow both helm and crew to access it. Pole height and crew adjustable toe strapes led to either side near the shrouds. Also includes a fully adjustable jib sheeting at the pull of a string and a rig system that allows us to find over two feet of rake to power or depower your rig on the water according to conditions. The outhaul and flattener are lead to under the boom with a 2-1 purchase in the boom. All this with the rig tension and kicker calibrated in to the raking system means truly is a one string system and completes the championship winning fit out.

Even within this high level specification hull there is room for choice and clients can choose between Super Spars or Selden for mast and boom depending on sailing weight. 

This championship edition comes complete with Milanes Scarf centreboard and a fixed Milanes EGS rudder with a carbon tiller extension, flat breathable top cover a combination launching trolley with astro turf cradles and tack tick bracket mounted fitted.

All boats leave the P&B warehouse with a full set of P&B sails measured and numbered.

Before leaving the warehouse the boat is fully measured, tuned and calibrated to our proven fast settings and comes with a comprehensive tuning guide.

The service does not stop there as we actively race and sail the boat and are on hand at open events during the year.

Any queries or question please contact class specialists Dave Wade or Stephen Graham on 01604 592808 or e-mail [email protected]

Further Information

The Scorpion is a lightweight, high performance, two person racing dinghy. Its adjustable rig enables sailing in all weathers to crews of all weights, ages and experiences. The Scorpion was originally designed for launch and recovery through Cornish surf. Its 14ft hard chine planing hull is built to strict measurements whilst rig controls and cockpit layout are left to personal choice.

The ability to adjust the rig whilst sailing means that the Scorpion can be raced in most conditions. Its lightweight (81kg) gives it excellent acceleration and easily handling ashore.


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