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P&B JP Solo Dinghy (PBSOLO)

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JP Solo

P&B are proud to offer the new FRP JP Solo that has consistently been winning races since it was brought to the market.

The specialist P&B layout that completes the championship winning specification includes Harken fit out as standard (with an option to transfer to Allen), continuous control lines, Winder, Milanes or DM foils and an option of Super Spars or Selden spars with cut of P&B sail to suit your weight.

For any further information regarding the Solo, or to order, please call Ian Pinnell on 01604 592808 or email [email protected]

Further Information

The one design national Solo dinghy, designed in 1956 by Jack Holt, is a classic single-handed racing dinghy. With a huge choice of friendly open meetings throughout the country and record entries being reached at many events, the Solo is continually growing in popularity and a thriving class.


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