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Ovington Boats Phantom Dinghy (Phantom)




P&B worked closely with Vander Craft to develop the ultimate Phantom. This boat is constructed using Epoxy Glass Foam Sandwich, in the hull, deck.

It  features a double floor with rolled non-slip which has a proven track record of winning the day after it leaves our show room!

Now Built By Ovington, The P&B layout that completes the championship winning specification includes Allen Brothers fit out as standard, a choice of Milanes laminated epoxy coated foils or Winder epoxy moulded foils, Vander Craft or West Mersea trolley/trailer, a choice of P&B under/over covers and an options of mast from either SuperSpars, Selden or  Paragon with a P&B sail cut to suit your weight.

All  of our boats are tuned and calibrated to your crew weight and also come complete with comprehensive written tuning guide.

Additional special instructions can be added in the check out process.


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