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P&B 505 Dacron Genoa - Zip Luff (505GENZ)

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P&B 505 Dacron Genoa Zip Luff

With over 50 years of sail making experience at its disposal the P&B sail loft team have built a reputation for producing some of the best sails on the market. All our sails constructed in the UK and are produced using the latest in design software, materials plus are hand marked round to ensure accuracy and consistence. We can tailor to specific customer requirements.

This long establishment has led to frequent World, European and National championships wins in a variety of classes.

We offer two  versions of the sail:

Our standard Full Genoa is designed for light and medium airs but can also be used throughout the wind range by heavier crews. This sail was used by Ian Pinnell to win the 2008 World Championships.

The new flat Genoa developed for the M2, Cumulus and Alto masts the latest design to our range, benefiting from a slightly flatter luff entry whilst retaining a deep head entry, the result a very powerfull.

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