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P&B Melges 24 Jib (SAIL/MELGES24/JIB)

£815.91 | Normal Price: £959.89 | You Save: £143.98 (15%)


Tri-radial jib (Mylar) manufactured from two weights of Dimension Polyester Laminates (Manufactured U.S.A.).

In all high stress areas - Fiberplex FXP5 2mil finish with double film, weight 5.4oz.

We recommend in the front of the sail the use of Warp-orientated Tri-ply V370 2.0mil finish double film.

Sail comes complete with Window, Rutgerson Eyelets, Leechline, Tell Tales and long Sail Bag with handles.We are now offering two designs. A fuller sail for use up to 0-10 knots and a second jib, which features a finer, luff entry.

Our latest Jib designs are fairer throughout and with less leach hollow, making the Jib faster for longer, before going tubular in the mid upper leach. This makes it a particularly quick sail in heavier conditions, 10-24 knots.


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