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P&B GP14 Genoa (Midi) (SAIL/GP14M)

£255.69 | Normal Price: £300.81 | You Save: £45.12 (15%)


The GENOA (MIDI) is constructed in Contender 4.52oz Polykote, cut 16 shorter in the foot and 5 shorter in the leech than the standard Genoa. It is ideal for lightweight crews, making tacking and sheeting-in easier. The reduced overlap from this sail opens the slot and reduces back winding in the mainsail so the boat is better balanced in all wind strengths and most certainly more comfortable to sail.

Wear over the leech area is also reduced compared to the full size sail. For optimum performance the fairleads will need to be moved forwards and to the inside deck, allowing you to sheet inside the shrouds.

All sails come with in house measurement.


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