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Selden Optimist Pro Spar Set: Flex Mast/Flex Boom (X-1396F)



Selden Optimist Spars - Optimist Pro Spar Set: Flex

Selden Masts are the world's largest spar maker and supply more race and championship winning mast than any other manufacturer. They have applied all their experience and knowledge to the Optimist product to deliver what we believe is the ultimate spar package.

Masts, boom and sprits are all produced from 7075T6 aluminium. This is not the case with other leading brands that use 5000 series welded tubes for booms. The tubes are first extruded and then re-processed to produce spars to a precise tolerance with reduced wall thickness. The booms and sprits are slightly larger in diameter but our wall thickness is less resulting in a stiffer but lighter spar.

Selden then use purpose designed equipment to bead peen the tubes, a process where the surface is blasted with minute glass beads. This cleans the surface to improve the anodising quality, improves fatigue resistance and provides the spars with the durable sating Selden finish.

All tubes are hard anodised to 45 microns. Holes for fittings are drilled before anodising to ensure ultimate corrosion resistance.


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