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Spinlock Adjustable Mainsail Luff Feeder (RF/MA)



Spinlock Adjustable Minsail Luff Feeder

This Spinlock sail feeder features graphite loaded, anodised alloy rollers and is made from electro polished 17-4PH high grade stainless steel.


One piece precision casting for ultimate strength.

Mainsail feeder RF/MA locates in the mast track below the luff entry and protects the luff tape during the hoist - no drilling needed.

Headsail feeder RF/H guides any flaked genoa from the deck cleanly up into the foil.

Headsail feeders are supplied with a length of line for attachment in their correct free pivoting position between luff entry and deck.

Headsail feeder RF/H2 for 60 foot plus racing yachts.


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