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Dart 18 Boat Covers

Dart 18 Dinghy Covers from P&B

All our Dart 18 dinghy covers are made in-house by our loft team. We offer a choice of materials for our top covers, which are PVC and durable Woven Breathable fabric, with a choice between Nylon and Woven Breathable fabrics for Under Covers. 

All of our top covers (Flat, Overboom and Trailing) are fitted with quick release buckles on all under hull straps and mast collars. Drawstrings and hooks are fitted for shroud openings and for holding the cover to the boat securely. 

Nylon Undercovers are fitted with fastening strings at deck level to hold the cover to the boat with an elastic drawstring to ensure a snug fit. Woven Breathable Undercovers are fitted with quick release buckles on all straps at deck level to ensure ease of use to get you on the road quickly with an elastic drawstring fitted for a snug fit.

If you want to discuss any details or special requests you may have for any cover you wish to order, please call us on 01604 592808 and speak to a member of our loft team, or send us an email at [email protected]

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